About Us

GS Beyond is the open innovation arm of GS Group, focused on identifying and fostering innovation across various industries: energy & power, retail & commerce, and engineering & construction. Based in Silicon Valley, GS Beyond builds partnerships with companies developing cutting edge technology and innovative ideas that will change the world in positive, sustainable ways. 

We are a team of thinkers and doers with backgrounds in science, technology and design. We are curious about how humans, science and technology can be used to improve the lives of our customers and partners, and the world we live in.  If you believe in this mission, please reach out to us. We are always looking for more partners. 

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GS Group

GS Group is a leading conglomerate headquartered in Seoul, Korea, with a global reach in the US, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.  In 2005, GS separated from LG Corporation to focus on growing businesses in Energy, Retail, and Construction. Today, GS group has over 62 billion USD worth of assets, 169 subsidiaries, and annual revenues of over $56 billion. 


GS Futures

GS Futures is the corporate venture capital entity of GS Group. Our experienced investors seek to invest in companies in the early stages and partner with teams for the long haul. As a team of investors and operators with experience working in multiple geographies, we know first hand how difficult growing and scaling a business can be. To that end, GS Futures brings its global network of experts, as well as additional capital sources, to support all current and future portfolio companies.