GS Beyond Energy

Innovation Challenge

To apply, please check out the Innovation Challenge website: 



GS Beyond is announcing its latest initiative to encourage the development of innovative energy solutions. 


Entrepreneurs, startups, and scientists are welcome to propose solutions in these areas. The winner(s) will receive up to a $100,000 cash-based grant, as well as additional collaboration and investment opportunities. 


At GS Beyond, we believe that empathy, science and technology can make the world more sustainable and a better place to live for  future generations.

GS Beyond is the open innovation arm of GS Group based in Silicon Valley, focusing on identifying and fostering innovation across various industries: energy & power, retail & commerce, and engineering & construction.


GS Beyond builds partnerships with companies developing cutting edge products and technology, with innovative business models that will change the world.

GS Beyond


Our Approach

We understand that innovation efforts require both internal capabilities as well as external experience and partners and rely on our Open Innovation approach to grow sustainably.   

We work with large corporations to help scale industries   and partner with startups to accelerate new growth. 

We are always looking for opportunities to help the world grow in a more sustainable and positive way. We are focused on Beyond what is in front of us. We want to collaborate with partners to bring new energy to GS Group companies and to create a better tomorrow.